About Us

At Swirlzzz Frozen Yogurt & Treatz we are all about being Smileliciouzzz. You come in for our Frozen Yogurt (FroYo) but you leave satisfied with a BIG smile. That’s our mission…That’s what we try to achieve for each and every customer.

Here Are The

Benefits of Frozen Yogurt

We serve Premium Frozen Yogurt and Sorbet that is Low Fat, Low Calorie, Kosher, Halal and Gluten Free. Our FroYo contains beneficial active yogurt cultures and probiotics which supports the immune system and promotes digestive health. Also our FroYo is sweetened with pure crystalline fructose the natural sweetener found in fruits and berries which is low on the glycemic index and does not cause blood sugar spikes. So in addition to being Deliciouzzz and Smilieliciouzzz, our product is healthier and lower in calories, fat and sugar than your standard frozen sweets.

We have a selection of mixes which include creamy Vanilla, Chocolate and Neutral bases which have an extra smooth and velvety texture. We also have a Tart base which provides a perfect fusion of smooth, creamy, cold and icy. Finally our Sorbet base is lactose free and vegan, and when mixed with fruit flavours, results in an awesome cool and refreshing product.

Our Flavours

We have 8 flavours available daily, from a selection of over 50 and growing flavours so when combined with the variety of bases above we always have something fresh and exciting for you to try.

Our Other Products

In addition to FroYo and Sorbet we have a range of Specialty Treatz such as Crepes, Waffles, Cupcakes and Cookies and Drinkz such as Smoothies, Milkshakes and Ice Cold Lemonade.

Our Surroundings

We have been getting rave reviews on our decor, our ambiance and our self serve concept which is a first in the British Virgin Islands.

Our Staff

Our staff goes the extra mile to make you smile, but in order to do that, they first need to be happy. We foster a working environment that encourages creativity, growth, professionalism, excellence and of course lots of Smilezzz.